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longtailpro review

In this Long Tail Pro review, we’re going to look at what Long Tail Pro does, how you can use it, and how it stacks up with the competitors this year. Let’s get started.


If you’ve made it this far, you likely already know what Long Tail Pro is all about.  However, let me offer a quick explanation.

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you quickly find low competition keywords for your website.  In particular, the tool is built for people doing SEO (search engine optimization) as opposed to people doing paid ads (Google Adwords PPC).  I’m sure there are some advertisers that use the tool for paid ad keyword research, but the tool was built for SEO keyword research.

In a nutshell, Long Tail Pro helps you quickly find keywords in bulk based on a seed keyword that you input.  In addition to returning hundreds of related keywords, the tool also shows search volume (monthly search volume), advertiser bid, number of words, rank value, and my favorite Keyword Competitiveness (helps you judge the competition and keyword difficulty).


So I started the company back in 2011, I sold it back in 2016. How’s it doing now? Is it still competitive?

I got my employee Brady to write up a post on the best keyword research tools a while back. He’s not at all connected with Long Tail Pro and it was cool to see his results. His conclusion was that Long Tail Pro wasn’t the most powerful keyword research tool. But it was the most budget friendly!

He concluded that if you don’t have $99 per month to spend on an Ahrefs subscription, Long Tail Pro is a great option for budget shoppers.

Here’s how Long Tail Pro stacks up to some of its competitors right now:


It’s not even a comparison. Market Samurai is long dead and gone. You’re better off using one of the free keyword research tools like Ubersuggest.


KWFinder and Long Tail Pro are pretty even on power. KWFinder can return more searches per query (if you have one of the more expensive plans). But KWFinder’s budget plan is almost 2x the cost of Long Tail Pro and it returns only somewhere between one half and one tenth of the keywords of Long Tail Pro.

The best benefit of KWFinder is that it allows you to have easy SERP analysis for each keyword. I love that. It’s also awesome that KWFinder shows you what your competitors are ranking for. If I didn’t use Long Tail Pro, this would be my research tool of choice.

My employee Brady’s research indicated that KWFinder and Long Tail Pro have the most accurate keyword difficulty scores.

KWFinder does cost more and can give you less keywords per query. But it packs cool features under the hood that Long Tail Pro just doesn’t have yet. KWFinder is a middle-of-the-line research tool. I’d recommend it for those who want a bit more juice than Long Tail Pro but can’t afford Ahrefs.


I used to use SEMRush to do some competitor keyword research. I wanted to know what my competition was ranking for.

But to be honest, they’ve kind of fallen behind the times a bit. They cost the same as Ahrefs but have half the power and tools available. If you can afford $99 per month, use Ahrefs. You get a lot more bang for your buck and and you won’t miss out on any unique features.


Ahrefs is the powerhouse of the keyword research world, but it comes at a price. They do return a ton more keywords than Long Tail Pro (sometimes over 1,000,000). They let you see SERPs at a glance and find what your competition is ranking for.
But they’re pricey. Ahref’s least expensive plan is almost 4x the cost of Long Tail Pro. I’d recommend Ahrefs if you’re going to be doing serious link building or need some crazy power. But for the budget buyer, I still say that Long Tail Pro meets your needs better 
Brady’s tests indicated that Ahrefs tends to run low on the keyword difficulty scores. This isn’t a big deal if you can see SERPs at a glance, but it means that you may end up targeting some keywords that look easy… but aren’t.


Jaaxy is another of the budget keyword research tools. It has some really cool features like Alphabet Soup that Brady loves. It can return a pretty high amount of keywords per query and will give you keywords that other tools won’t.
Not even Long Tail Pro.
Jaaxy’s biggest weakness is the layout. It’s a little clunky, the design is sometimes off, and some info isn’t accurate. Brady doesn’t trust their keyword difficulty score since no one knows what factors Jaaxy uses. The keyword difficulty score sometimes trends with Long Tail Pro and KWFinder, but sometimes it’s way off.
It’s a cool tool if you’re wanting some super unique keywords, but the strange design and wonky metrics make it less than perfect.


Be Ahead in Search: Tools to Spy on Your Competitors


Long Tail Pro is an SEO keyword tool that can help you dominate your competitors.

After generating long tail keyword ideas, you can conduct a website competitive analysis of the top sites that appear in SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.

Uncover in-depth metrics such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Site Age, and Referring Domains to gauge your chances of outranking them. Of course, you can also copy a competitor’s page URL and plug it into the keyword research tool to get a glimpse of their keyword strategy.

Wondering if you should use the keyword for SEO or PPC? Long Tail Pro shows a SERP breakdown for Google keyword ideas that reflect the most effective method, be it PPC or organic listings

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